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Psychologist Session


We understand that the cost of therapy can be difficult to sustain, especially since the nature of therapy
often requires a number of appointments and not just one single service. In addition, some may not
have insurance policies that will not cover the cost of therapy. If the out-of-pocket cost of therapy would
prevent you from having help for yourself or loved ones, we are pleased to be able to offer lower-cost

Those of our staff (if any) who are Licensed Associate Counselors can provide services based on a lower
rate than that of our standard service fee. The actual rate depends on the professional, but would be
significantly less. While these individuals have completed their education and are as equipped as our
other staff therapists to provide therapy services, the counseling licensing board requires that all
counselors be supervised for the first several years of their practice.

As such, they are not yet able to provide insurance-reimbursable services and, instead, can provide
services at a discounted out-of-pocket rate. In addition to our LACs, we sometimes invite students who
are in the last years of their internship to achieve the contact hours that are required for licensing to
practice at our clinic, under the supervision of our Licensed Professional Counselors. While these
individuals are students, they have completed all necessary course requirements and have already spent
some time working in a clinic to gain some experience counseling.

In addition, these individuals are required to seek weekly supervision with both a designated
professional on-site and with their school supervisor. These individuals can charge no more than $25 a
session and offer a great low-cost option for those clients that may not be able to afford seeing a
different therapist for several reasons.

Finally, New Path Mental Health and Wellness is committed to providing easy community access to the
best quality of care we can provide. We are pleased to offer a sliding fee scale to qualified clients who
are uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise unable to afford counseling services. In order to qualify, you
will be asked to provide information that proves your household income. The following can be
considered proof of income:

• Income tax return

• Paycheck stub

• Disability or social security stub

By calculating factors like household income (as it is measured against the Federal Poverty Guidelines)
and family size, we can ensure that your counseling fee is matched with your need rather than being an
arbitrary classification of New Path Mental Health and Wellness. If you have questions or believe that
you qualify for our sliding scale fee, please contact our administrator. In addition, take a look at the
table below to see if you qualify based on the federal poverty guidelines.

*NOTEKetamine treatments do not qualify for sliding scale fee*

Sliding Scale Fee Policy: About
2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines.png
Sliding Scale Fee Policy: Image
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