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Licensed Psychological Examiner

Josh provides treatment for a wide variety of individual mental health diagnoses in teens and adults ranging from major depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, anger management, partner relational problems, and psychotic disorders. He has also taught process and skills development groups in: communication, anger management, stress management, relationship skills, recovery, DBT, and relapse prevention.

Josh gathers insight into the origin of problematic behaviors and help clients learn the skills necessary to affect meaningful change in their life. He is also a certified Cognitive Processing Therapy Provider. CPT is a powerful technique which can eliminate trauma symptoms in 90% of individuals in around 12 sessions.

"Chances are whatever you have been struggling with has been a problem for longer than just today, and up until today you may have been trying to avoid it and just survive it. However, today you have decided to do something about it so let's do something about it together." - Josh

Joshua Lee: Meet the Team
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